Kicking off each international fashion season, NY holds the distinction of being the place “where fashion begins.” The branding for the Spring/Summer 2013-14 collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week proclaimed this through bold type, bright colors and elegant runway images across all signage, advertising, online promotions & printed materials.

AD_MBFW-S13-14-01_1000x730_2.7.14 AD_MBFW-S13-14-02_1000x730_2.7.14 AD_MBFW-S13-14-03_1000x730_2.7.14 AD_MBFW-S13-14-04_1000x730_2.7.14 AD_MBFW-S13-14-05_1000x730_2.7.14 AD_MBFW-S13-14-06_1000x730_2.7.14